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Highway Prefabricated Box Girder Hydraulic Template
The template consists of a side mold, an end mold, and an inner mold. The bottom mold uses a concrete pedestal. The side mold is composed of a transverse mold rib panel and a bracket. The side mold adopts a fixed position structure
Single-line Beam Formwork for High-speed Railway
With the socioeconomic development and the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, high-speed railway as an efficient mode of transportation has been rapidly developed in recent years. In the construction process, precast box girders are often assemb
Double-line Beam Formwork for High-speed Railway
The high-speed precast box girder template has the advantages as high precision, simple structure, easy overall zooming, easy demoulding, simple operation, and can be hoisted or dragged to the girder table as a whole.
Cast-in-place Column Template
It is widely used in concrete pouring construction of load-bearing columns in bridge construction site construction.
Normal Prefabricated Box Girder Formwork for Public Road
Precast box girder is widely used in the construction of expressway.The traditional precast box girder formwork is widely used, which has the advantages of low cost, simple structure and easy operation.
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